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Single Training


Private lessons are an essential part of becoming a solid player. The lessons are customized to meet each individuals’ optimal goal. Excellent fundamentals are being taught as well as possible bad habits removed. Practice times are flexible depending on the students’ schedule and can be booked as subscriptions. Private lessons are also available for 2 players ( Partner training).



Our Playsight Court is the most advanced High-Tech tool for Match analysis. With eight cameras strategically placed around the court and no sensors attached to players, PlaySight’s technology captures player and ball movement (speed, spin, distances, etc). This video analysis software helps student-athletes improve their tactical decision and match strategy by providing visual feedback. Ideal for continuously recording the students’ progress. We highly recommend the use of Playsight ( with or without a coach) to all pro -athletes for an accelerated learning progress.



The most individual and most effective for single practice, derived from pro sports. The student has a personal “hitter” for precise ball placements and passing. The coach works on the players’ different perspectives of the court and the game. Through direct communication and by providing important visual feedback by means of video analysis we will achieve maximum effectiveness.




Tennis Raschke offers a complete Junior Tennis Program for children between the ages of 4-18, from developmental to high-performance players. We focus on building tennis skills, self-esteem, cameraderie, physical fitness, discipline and good sportsmanship.

Our youngest , ages 4-8, will learn the fundamentals of tennis in small groups. We believe FUN is the number one ingredient for all junior players and want to inspire a love for the game! With the use of the Play & Stay Methodology the Youngsters will be systematically introduced from the Half court, to Mid court to Full court.

  • 13 weeks x 60 minutes group training
  • final check and small tournament


The entry to our Youth Program. The technical fundamentals are being taught in age and performance appropriate groups. Basics of forehand, backhand, serve, volley, foot work, scoring and rules.

  • 13 weeks x 60 minutes of group training
  • with Video analysis and use of Ball machine


For the passionate tennis player who wants to work on his/her game more intensely. Ideal for the club or team player. We focus on technical, tactical, fitness and mental training. By applying numerous Bollettieri-Drills we work on stroke development and strategy and incorporate them in  match like situations. Fitness is available as an extra option at additional cost.

  • 13 weeks x 120 minutes of group training
  • Video-Feedback-Training and tactical training with PLAYSIGHT
  • Fitness training available at extra cost


Often underestimated and yet important! To improve performance and to prevent injuries we will work on Strength, Agility, Speed and Endurance.  We practice outside during good weather conditions, and at Fitness Studio Stefan in case of bad weather or darkness in winter.

  • 10 weeks x 60 minutes of Fitness training in small groups
  • Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility
  • during bad weather/winter at “Fitness Studio Stefan”

Service & Pricing

Private Lesson

45 Minutes (1 Student)

60 Minutes (1 to 2 Students)

50 Minutes with Alexander Raschke

60 Minutes Professional Training

Playsight Training (plus private lesson)

Playsight Analysis off Court (with private lesson)

Playsight Analysis off Court (without private lesson)

Single Booking

plus court fees

€ 35,00

€ 40,00

€ 46,00

€ 60,00

€ 15,00

€ 20,00

€ 30,00

Ticket of 10

plus court fees

€ 320,00

€ 370,00

€ 440,00

€ 550,00

€ 130,00

€ 180,00

€ 270,00

Group Practice

Kids Club "HOT SHOTS"


Intensive Training "Team-Special"

Playsight  add-on payment (12 weeks)

Fitness Training in combination with Group practice 10x)

Daily until 4 pm

€ 210,00

€ 210,00

€ 420,00

€ 30,00

€ 80,00

daily from 4 pm & Saturdays

€ 225,00

€ 225,00

€ 450,00

€ 30,00

€ 80,00