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Congratulations to the MIS Varsity Tennis Team!

The MIS Varsity Tennis Team, coached by Thomas Sieghart and Alexander Raschke, just finished a powerful season.

The Tennis Academy Raschke was hosting this years‘ ISST (International Schools Sport Tournament) in Taufkirchen on 8 indoor Courts. Between May 22 -May 24 six Teams from Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris and two from London competed in Boys and Girls Singles, Doubles and Mixed. The players had long days, starting early in the morning with Team Meetings, stretching and warm- up drills, always supported by their respective Coaches .

The Team Spirit and commitment was remarkable.

With the help of the excellent staff of our Academy as well as support from the MIS Athletic Department and a Nurse,  the tournament went smoothly.  Although we lost one of our players at the beginning of the season due to a foot injury ( we hope you feel better, Penelope!) we had a lot more girl power this year than ever before. Alyssa Richter, who had already won all of her Matches during the SCIS tournament in Zurich, made first place in Singles girls at the ISST. In the finals she played Shama Raghavan, a fellow team player and both players from our Academy,  securing First and Second place both to MIS students. Even though our boys came in only 5th, MIS came in 4th place overall which secured them to stay in Division One. Mission accomplished!

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By Andrea Richter / Administrator on Jun 13, 2017